Rotarian Ken Puzey just had his hard work for safe drinking water in Kenya recognized by the USA Today!  USA Today and Burlington Free Press writer Dan D’Ambrosio beautifully articulates how Ken's solar powered water boiling system can help thousands of Kenyans avoid unsafe drinking water.  1.1 billion people around the globe do not have access to safe drinking water. This lack of access results in a large disease burden with 1.7 billion cases of diarrhea annually.
Diarrhea kills 1.6 million people annually (90% are children under age 5), 146 million trachoma cases threatened with blindness, 6 million trachoma cases with visual impairment, 133 million people suffer from high intensity helminth (parasitic worm) infections, 1.5 million cases of hepatitis A annually and the loss of 117 million disability adjusted life years annually.
As the USA Today story illuminates, Ken's solar project and fight this terrible problem.
Ken and D’Ambrosio created a video to highlight the simplicity of Ken's vacuum sealed solar water boiler tube:
D’Ambrosio did a wonderful job describing Ken's background, the mission of the Kisumu Kenya Water Project, the dire need for safe drinking water, and the project's working relationship with Rev. Julius Otieno Nyambuoro, a local pastor working with Ken to launch the project.
Rev. Julius Otieno Nyambuoro, left, of Kisumu, Kenya and Ken Puzey
The USA Today story also does a wonderful job of explaining how the water project is hiring "aged out" orphans in the area.  By all means, please read the full story -- CLICK HERE.
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