Posted by Ken Crites on Aug 18, 2017
 New 2017-2018 District 7850 Governor Eric Denu visited our chapter this Friday.  Eric shared his family's history with Rotary, discussed the importance of teamwork, announced the upcoming Rotary 5-District Summit and presented us with a nice gift.  
After reading some inspirational stories and quotes, Eric shared with us the story of his father's perfect Rotary attendance, a tradition that Eric has also continued to with his own Rotary service.  To stress Rotary International President Ian Riseley's goal of every Rotarian planting a tree this year, Eric gave chapter president Todd Stoilov a young blue spruce.
Eric stressed the need to evaluate our progress and possibly make changes to better serve the community.  Sometimes we must take a risk to improve things.  
Eric also promoted Sunday's Rotary Lake Monsters' game.  Half of revenue from Rotary sold tickets goes towards fighting hunger in Vermont.  Click here to buy tickets. 
Finally, Eric ended by announcing two big upcoming Rotary events.  On May 4-6, 2018, our District 7850 will be hosting a Five-District Summit at the Omni Mount Washington Resort.  The meeting's goals are to inspire, empower, motivate and act, stressing the Rotary Mission to create positive impact, through caring service, powered by YOU.  Our District is recruiting volunteers to help with Sgt-at-Arms and Registration during the weekend.  We are hosting four other districts -- let's show them District 7850 teamwork.  If interested, contact Louisa Tripp at or call 802-371-9819.
The second event is the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, scheduled for June 23-27, 2018.  Eric pointed out that there will probably never be another RI Convention this close to Vermont.
Eric, thank you for visiting our club!  Here are some fun pictures from the event:
Eric (left), Sandy (center) and Todd (right) exchanging Rotary banners.
Eric handing Todd our free blue spruce tree for planting