Posted on Aug 19, 2015

Boiling drinking water saves lives

1.1 Billion people do not have access to safe drinking water.  In Kenya, 1.3% of the population dies each year from drinking unsafe water.  The under 5 mortality rate is 22%, with water borne illness as the leading cause of death.
3 Billion people in the world cook with wood or charcoal.  3.5 Billion tons of wood are burned every year, forcing 111,600 square miles of forest to be cut down every year (larger than state of Nevada).  In Africa today, wood is consumed at twice a rate as tree growth, producing 6.79 Gigatons of carbon dioxide produced each year.
The objective of the Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project is to provide a sustainable method of creating safe drinking water, to save lives and reduce dependency on wood burning fuel.
We believe Ken Puzey's solar water boilers can solve this problem.  
(First picture:  Nicola Elkins and Ken Puzey in Kenya with one of Ken's panels.  Second picture: Rev Julius Otieno Nyambuoro of Kisumu (left) and Ken flank a solar water boiler panel)
Every solar water boiler is produced at a cost of $60.  Each boiler provides sustainable safe drinking water for 4 people for 15 years, preventing numerous diseases ad human suffering.  Every five (5) units in the field saves two (2) lives.  Every panel reduces dependency on wood burning fuel, reduces cooking costs and keeps prevents mothers from being left alone in dangerous areas seeking firewood.
Environmentally, each solar water boiler
  • Saves 7 tenths of an acre of forest over 30 years
  • Saves 35 tons of wood
  • Reduces carbon dioxide production 67.9 tons
  • Prevents soil erosion 
  • Preserves habitat
  • Preserves bio-diversity
  • Improves air quality
Please help save lives and improve the environment by donating to the Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project.  More funds mean more solar panels for Kenya and beyond. Thank you.