Posted by Ken Crites on Mar 16, 2018
Today we had the good fortune to be visited by Chris Powell, CEO of Aspenti Health.
Aspenti Health, a private company specializing in drug testing, has a vision "is to enrich every life through diagnostic science and compassionate care."  Per their web site, Aspenti Health is:

Led by professionals, many of whom have experienced the recovery process themselves, we are focused on shaping a future in which we are instrumental in helping our patients meet their recovery goals while creating a lasting impact through community involvement.

We believe in improving patient outcomes through enhanced treatment access and patient advocacy. Unlike other testing partners, Aspenti works hand in hand with our care providers in order to better serve our mutual patient through patient-focused services such as mobile testing, data-driven digital health integration, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships with leading healthcare and research institutions.

Chris described the severe importance of the current drug usage epidemic in the US and here in Vermont.  Every day, 79 Americans die due to opiod use. There were 119 fatal overdoses in Vermont during 2017.  On the positive, Vermont was one of four states last year graded by the National Safety Council as "making progress".

"Drug use is a disease, not a choice," said Chris.  By realizing it's a disease, we can remove harmful stigmas and address the problem.  Chris also encouraged us all to learn more, via Time Magazine's recent "Opioid Diaries" issue.

Thank you, Chris, for visiting the Burlington Sunrise Rotary.  We certainly hope that Aspenti succeeds with it's healthcare mission, financial sustainability mission and social mission.