Posted by Todd Stoilov & Ken Crites on Jun 28, 2018
Christine Frenette once again hosted a wonderful Transition Party to celebrate the passing of the Presidential Torch from Todd Stoilov to Eric Hanson.
A hearty THANK YOU to Todd for your full year of service.  It is very much appreciated!  I know I speak for everyone when I say meetings will never be the same.
Eric, we are all confident you'll be a wonderful president.  Chris, thanks for hosting the party.  Scroll down to see an action photo from Eric enjoying his presidential reign as our new leader during today's weekly meeting.  I have no idea what the meaning is behind the dinosaur cookie cake.
Todd S. (right) passes on all his presidential powers to Eric H. (left).  Those powers are oddly represented by a giant dinosaur cookie cake.  'Nuff said.
Today (7/2/2018) Eric led his first meeting as our new President.  As you can see, he was ready to use that gavel in any manner necessary.  All hail our new leader!