Posted by Ken Crites on Feb 24, 2017
Rachel Cummings (Chief Operating Officer) and Erica Marks (Director of Volunteer Services) today shared with us the mission of Age Well VT.  Rachel is a former Rotarian and Erica is currently a Rotary member at a neighboring chapter.  Age Well is known for their tremendous "Meals on Wheels" work, but officially Age Well carries out "programs authorized by the Older Americans Act - federal legislation that calls for local organizations to take the lead in creating a coordinated system of services for older persons across the country," per the Age Well website.
Age Well's mission is clear:  "Committed to helping individuals age well, we reduce barriers by providing access to healthy meals, in-home care and community resources. Delivered by staff members and over 1,000 incredible volunteers, our sought-after services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, their families and caregivers. We do not charge for services provided. As a nonprofit, we rely on donations and encourage clients to contribute if they are able to do so."
Learn how you can help, either via volunteering or donations.  To volunteer, email Erica at  Thank you, Rachel and Erica, for your tremendous efforts with Age Well!!!  And thank you for visiting us today.