Posted on Nov 29, 2016
Ken Puzey's Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project has made tremendous strides to produce safe drinking water in Kenya.  The project was initially funded by the Albert & Vivian Puzey Foundation, but over the past two years has received financial boosts from rotary clubs in Vermont, New York and Canada.
Back in 2013, when the project was just an idea, the Plattsburgh NY Rotary Club donated $500 to help get things started.  There generosity was tremendous.  The Plattsburg Club donated another $1,000 in 2016 as part of the match for District 7040 Grant.
In 2015, District 7850 (Northern VT & NH, plus southern Quebec) donated a grant of $10,000 to the Safe Water Project, thanks in part to Ken, Guy Babb, Philip Bosen and other members of the Burlington Rotary Club.  Of that $10,000, the Burlington Sunrise Club donated $3,500, other chapters donated $2,500 and the District donated the rest.
But by far the largest Rotarian donations have come from the Westmount Quebec Rotary Club and their District 7040 committee.  Led by Nicola Elkins interest in the project, the Westmount Club donated $7,500 USD in 2016.  Nicola has since joined the Safe Water Projections leadership board and has traveled to Kisumu.  Here is a picture of Nicola (left) at the solar boiler factory in Kisumu.
After Westmount's generosity, The Hawkesbury Ontario Rotary Club then also committed $1,500 USD, followed by the Plattsburgh NY Club donating $1,000 (mentioned above).  All three clubs are members of Rotary District 7040.  District 7040 leadership graciously matched the donations by Westmount, Hawkesbury and Plattsburgh for a total donation of $20,000 USD!
Finally, in late 2016, the Burlington VT Sunrise Rotary Club donated $2,050 in funds to help Sunrise members Ken Puzey and Phil Bosen travel to Kisumu, joining Nicola and others to continue the work of the product. Burlington Sunriser Eric Hanson donated almost half of the club's donation.
Thank you to all the Rotarians who have generously supported the Kisumu Kenya Safe Water Project!  If you'd like to donate to the project, please click here.