Posted by Ken Crites on Aug 02, 2017
Jake Elliott from SunCommon spoke with us Friday about the advantages of going solar.  In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, Solar energy can be a positive investment, saving you money on you monthly electric bills while also adding significant value to your home. Their local financing allows Vermonters to go solar with no up front cost making it easy and affordable for everyone.
Jake discussed how different government incentives are changing as solar power evolves and how now could be a very good time to take the leap.  Rotarian Ken Crites recently worked with Jake and SunCommon to convert his house to solar power.  Ken was Jake's sponsor for today's talk.
For those wondering if now is a good time to go solar, Jake recommends this article from Reuters titled "U.S. may put emergency tariffs on solar imports".
For anyone interested in going solar, you can contact Jake at or 802-798-2654.  Or click here to visit SunCommons website.
Should anyone in the Burlington Sunrise Rotary decide to go solar (residential or commercial), Ken's "finders fee" will be donated to Rotary charities.